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Medohar Vati and Diet

Diet is very important factor in controlling the weight of body. And it is also the primary reason for overweight and obesity. Obese person cannot perform his daily jobs actively, which cause frustration resulting in overeating and more weight gain. If one wants to loose weight then first step is to control diet and most importantly know your diet. Diet is not just food to satisfy our hunger and taste but also source of energy, vitality, strength and it is a fuel which runs our body. Bad fuel means that the vehicle will have poor engine sooner or later with all other body parts effected. So things which are tasty does not mean they are healthy. Here are few guidelines for maintaining healthy diet and health:-
  1. Fats increases the taste of food because when consumed it make a inner layer in our mouth which enhances the taste of food. So avoid food rich in fats because it will cause overeating and also these fats have higher chances of getting stored in our body. Extra food which is not digested is stored as fats in our body. But fats taken in excess are direct source of our body fat.
  2. Avoid all kind of trans fats.  Even top brand add some trans fats in their products to enhance the taste. So be careful and check the food packet if it has any trans fats.
  3. Consume less sugar. Generally 1 - 2 spoons of sugar is enough for a person. Sugar is available in each and every product naturally so extra added sugar is not good.
  4. Eat food in gaps and do not eat full stomach. Keep 1/4 stomach empty. Have small meals more frequently to boost metabolism.
  5. Take light food like soup or daliya in dinner. Have your dinner before 8 PM.
  6. Consume Amla juice if you can in morning empty stomach.
  7. Consume multi-grain wheat flour in breads and chapatis.
  8. Avoid junk food like burgers and noodle packs.
  9. Daily exercise for 1 hour which may include: Yoga, pranayama, walking, gyming or cycling,
  10. Take less alcohol if you cannot avoid it.
  11. Do not smoke.
  12. Avoid stress and depression. Do not watch too much TV.
  13. Consume Medohar Vati for faster results.
  14. Avoid having foods served in Buffet in offices and hotels, which are generally not very healthy. 
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  1. Along with medohar vati one needs to take proper diet to control obesity and weight gain. One should not eat fatty, oily, greasy and fried food. Avoid junk foot completely. Take not trans fats. Eat small potions of food after intervals and do not eat full stomach. Drink lots of water. Do walk after consuming lunch and dinner. Take dinner before 8 PM. Go to bed light stomach. One can consume triphala churna at night to avoid constipation as constipation also contributes to obesity. Do light exercises daily for half an hour. Vajrasana helps in digesting the food. Dhanurasana also helps in burning belly fats. Amla juice can be also consumed in the morning empty stomach.

  2. Diet is important part of our existence. Without a healthy diet it is not possible to live healthy. People these days are not diet conscious as health is secondary factor for them in comparison to hustle and bustle of daily life. Health is heaven and bad health is hell no matter if you own all the wonders of earth.

    Right diet is important to maintain weight, few recommendations are :-

    1. No fried food.
    2. No oily food.
    3. No greasy food.
    4. No junk food.
    5. No white bread.
    6. Drink lot of water.
    7. No smoking and no alcohol.
    8. Have green vegetables and salads in plenty.
    9. Fruits have wonderful anti oxidants so have them.
    10. Eat less rice and if necessary eat in day time.
    11. Have your dinner not later then 8 PM.
    12. Eat small potions of food instead of having a big meal.

  3. Definitely Diet plays important role while consuming Medohar Vati. Because for most of the ayurvedic medicines, one should follow diet very importantly like avoiding spicy, oily and sour food items and even minimizing non-vegetarian food consumption. However this diet is very important to fasten the work of Medohar vati. When you are consuming Medohar vati with strict diet, there are good chances that you reduce weight as desired. I do encounter many of patients who do not follow proper diet and after consuming medohar vati, they come with no result. Then as doctors we do counsel them and make them understand about the importance of diet along with medicine. Even while consuming Medohar Vati, one should follow proper Adjuvant, that is lukewarm water or mild hot water to be consumed after taking Medohar Vati.

    To improve and enhance the metabolism, one has to consume Medohar Vati in proper manner.

    However this diet will also help you to faster the weight reduction process which is safe for you.

  4. How many minutes before meal should i take this medicine