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Medohar Vati Benefits and Uses

  • Medohar vati is best useful in Weight Loss and obesity and also used in Hyperlipidemia (High Cholesterol).
  • Divya medohar vati makes the body beautiful, compact, active by removing the digestive disorders and reducing the extra fat.
  • Medohar vati helps in correcting the metabolism and removes the over weight due to hypothyroidism.
  • In case of arthritis, spondylitis, rheumatoid it helps to reduce the pain. 
  • It is useful in thyroid disorders (hypo & hyper thyroid) and consumed along with Kanchnar Guggulu.
  • Medohar vati prevents the cardiac problems like ischaemic heart disease, varicose veins and other circulatory problems by improving the blood circulation.
  • It provides nourishment to tissue elements such as bone, bone marrow and semen and digests the excessive fats in body.
  • Medohar vati helps to be more alert by improving the functioning of brain and memory.
  • Junk foods and increased craving for sugar leads to weight gain and obesity, Medohar vati helps to increase the metabolism and controls digestive fire.
  • As it boosts the metabolism so it also prevents the weight gain in menopause.
  • It prevents fatty liver disorders by stimulating the liver.
  • Medohar vati corrects the hormonal imbalance and reduces the growth of cyst in PCOD.
  • It helps to balance the insulin and used by diabetes patients.
  • It also controls the onset of hereditary diseases such as Diabetes.
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  1. Medohara vati is a classical ayurvedic medicine which is seen to have wide range of actions in the body. It is chiefly prescribed for obesity and bringing down cholesterol. It is also found helpful in conditions such as PCOD, Diabetes etc.

  2. Main benefits are weight control, obesity control and thyroid disorder management.

  3. 1. Medohar vati burns fat.
    2. Medohar vati cures obesity.
    3. It helps in weight loss.
    4. Methoar vati helps in controlling thyroid disorder.
    5. It can also be administered during diabetes.
    6. Medohar vati increases metabolism.
    7. Medohar vati kills craving for food.
    8. It makes you compact.

  4. As medohar Vati contains Guggulu, definitely it is having lipid lowering properties and it is best suitable for reducing weight which is predominant with fats and uneven deposition of fats. Other ingredients of medicines also contribute its role in lowering fats and it those ingredients do act as catalyst also. And Medohar Vati is safe potent drug without any side effects, and can be consumed for longer duration, however doctor’s consultation is sometime recommended to rule out some other possible issues. There are many other uses and benefits of Medohar Vati such as it helps better in cardiac related problems, as I have already mentioned it contains guggulu and that guggulu is helpful for reducing plaque formation in arteries.

    Usually if a person is suffering from high cholesterol levels or hyperlipidemia, then there are chances they get fatty liver, and this Medohar Vati will even helpful to reduce fatty liver.

    As Medohar Vati contains Triphala extract which also acts as rejuvenator it also helps to nourish tissues at bone marrow level promoting further metabolism.

  5. Hi Im Divya from Bangalore my height is 5.2" and weight is 73..
    I have decided to take 2pills for 3 times in a day pls suggest me is it good or shell i take 1 tablet fr 3 times .... I need to loose at least 15-20 kgs of weight as soon AS POSSible as my marriage is on may 2016..
    pls suggest me ............

  6. Is 2 tablets for 3 times a day is good..
    My height is 5.2" and weight is 73..
    Please suggest me...