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Medohar Vati Dosage

Dosage of any ayurvedic medicine is suggested as per patient's condition and illness. But in general divya medohar vati can be consumed two to three tablets twice or thrice daily before half an hour or one hour after the food. If you are not sure then refer the medohar vati bottle or consult your own ayurvedic physician for advice.

Generally all patients who have excess Kapha disorder can consume Medohar Vati before food as it helps to digest the fat by increasing patient's metabolism. This would also result in the reduction of weight and control of obesity. Dosage can be adjusted according to the health conditions like weight, TSH level, PCOD condition or for other health disorders. It can be consumed for the period of 3 to 6 months in general and then condition should be reviewed and also the dosage.

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  1. It is very important that patient should take right dose of ayurvedic medicine for full benefit. One should not skip the dose and should consume at proper time. Weight gain mainly happens due to genetic reasons but bad life style and lack of exercising also contributes to weight gain. Over weight can cause various illnesses like: High blood pressure, heart enlargement, pressure on knees can cause joints problem or arthritis, sexual libido decreases etc. Control your weight and most of the problems will go away. Overweight people are also pron to diabetes. Correct dosage of medohar vati can help in solving these issues.

  2. Dosage of this medicine is seen to vary between individual. It is based on the prakrithi and health status of a patient is the dosage being decided. Generally it is prescribed to have a dosage of 1 tab twice daily for the first two weeks or a month. This shall then be changed to 1 tab three times a day. On the next step it moves to 2 tab twice daily followed by 2 tab three times a day.

    Here continuous follow up with the consultant ayurvedic physician and monitoring of weight is very much important as to bring a change in dosage. As far as time period of consumption of this medicine is concerned, it can vary between 3 months and 6 months. In certain cases where more of active ingredients are needed then other formulations such as triphala guggulu too shall be added along with it.

  3. My height is 5'7" and weight is 84 kilos. Can anyone suggest the right dose

  4. My height is 5'4" and weight is 65 kg.what will be the right dose for me

  5. Can it be taken alongside related allopathic medicine for thyroid and high BP, ,artherites?

  6. My weight approx 80 age 35 yrs height 5.2 .wat will be the right dose fr me