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Medohar Vati Reviews

We have collected some of the reviews regarding Medohar Vati, which we would like to share with you so that everyone is aware of this wonderful ayurvedic medicine, please find them below:-

"Hello sir, I am Manish Arya from Mumbai, India. I was 35 kg overweight as per my height. I never cared about this but one of my friend calculated my BMI in front of me and it came into picture that I was 35 kg overweight as per my height. I am 5 feet 7 inches tall and my weight was 110 kg. I was reading Divya Sandesh a monthly magazine of swami ramdev's patanjali yogpeeth and I found reference to Divya medohar vati  in that magazine. I ordered this medicine and started consuming it. With in 2 months my weight reduced 5 kg and became 105 kg. I am looking forward to continue it and will try to reduce my weight further with confidence. 

Thanks and warm regards,
Manish Arya"


 My name is Rehan Khan from Bangladesh, although this wonderful ayurvedic medicine is not available in Bangladesh so I ordered it from one of the website. After consuming medohar vati for nearly 3 and half months, I am extremely satisfied. I am able to loose 7 kg weight. I do not find any side effects of this medicine and I have become more active. Thanks to swami ramdev and his trust for inventing this medicine. Rehan"

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  1. As per my experience Medohar vati has very effective reviews for weight loss. Many of the patients suffering from obesity are able to shed their weight with in few months. It needs to be continued for 2 - 3 months to see the effect. Do not measure your weight everyday after consuming medohar vati. Take note of weight every 15 days. Along with this diet control is also very important. If person also do yoga then positive results would be seen faster.

  2. Medohara vati is a patent ayurvedic medicine which is manufactured and distributed by divya pharmacy. The chief ingredients present in this medicine include triphala, picorriza curroa, operculina turpetum, embelia ribes, terminalia chebula, guggulu , shilajith and acacia arabica. All these ingredients are seen to have unique action in bringing down excessive at in body system.This medicine is free from any sort of side effect. The dosage varies between individuals and is decided by the consultant physician. It shall be noted that one must have a change in diet habit and lifestyle while on this medication. It is only then that the patient can get the complete benefit out of its use. Include food materials which is rich in fiber content for proper functioning of digestive system which will then enhance the action of this medicine.

  3. I'm Rahul and my age is 17 and my weight is 75. I have started taking medohar vati and I'm dieting and doing cardio and many exercises. Sir pls tell me that in how much weight I will loose in a month.

  4. Hi,
    I am 30 years old and have 1.5 year old baby. I have put lot of weight after delivery. Can I take this ? NOTE : Baby is on still bteast feeding. Would be effects to baby?. Please help me

  5. my wiehgt 170kg babaji plz how much medhovati dosage

  6. Hello there !
    Is it ok if I take this medicine while feeding my 1.5yrs child ?

  7. Hello.
    I am 40 years old I want use dis vati is there any side effects?

  8. Dear sir,I m 33 and my weight is 72.I need to loss at least 10-12 kgs to return to my regular weight.I am currently taking sanjivani vati and giloyghan vati for my allergic cold and bronchitis.So pls suggest can i start taking medohar vati for weight loss ,,And please suggest the dosage.

  9. Hi,iam (female)35 and my weight is 70.i need to lose weight atleast 10kgs.please suggest any patanjali products for me