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Weight Loss Remedies

  1. Consume Medohar Vati daily which will help you in burning your access fats and make you compact and slim in few months. Medohar vati are ayurvedic tablets to be consumed daily for few months. It does not cause any side effects and safe to you ayurvedic medicine.
  2. Consume lukewarm water several times a day to increase your metabolism and burn fats.
  3. Stop oily, fried, high calorie diet. Drink less alcohol. Alcohol put extra flabs on tummy. Quit smoking as it lowers your metabolism.
  4. A person who has good sexual life also has less chances of gaining extra weight.
  5. Honey if consumed with lemon helps to shed weight faster.
  6. Black tea without sugar with lemon kills fats.
  7. Green tea also increases metabolism and hence cause weight loss.
  8. Eat small meals several times a day. Keep 1/4 th of your stomach empty while eating.
  9. Avoid eating late night and consume food in evening. Because in evening which is almost end of day our body needs less energy. So extra calories are directly converted to fats.
  10. Do yoga daily. Pranayama helps in weight loss by controlling your metabolism. Kapalbhati pranayama is specially good for weigh loss.
  11. Daily cycling, swimming or jogging helps in shedding extra weight.
  12. Meditaion helps to reduce craving for food and sugar.
  13. Eat diet rich in fiber and protein. Protein builds muscles and if you have more muscles then your fat burning would be 7 times faster. Muscles are killers of fats.
  14. Avoid refined oil and use less antiquity of olive oil in food.
  15. Eat less rice in meals and use wheat flour mixed with various grains.

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